We have officially launched our new and improved client portal which we hope make managing your TV subscription services easier.

New Features Include:

1) Clients can now add prepay funds to their account to be used for future subscription purchases and to prevent service interruptions. Any funds that you deposited in your account including affiliate funds and referral credits can be accessed and managed from your portal. When paying for new services you will be given the option to use any credits and funds in your account.

2) Affiliate referral credits will be added as funds to your prepay account. All our clients are given $5 for every referral which that signs up for Norstar Tv service and can be used for future Tv subscription purchases.

3) You can access your affiliate link and track the clicks that you get along with tracking anybody that the purchase of anybody that you referred to make sure that you are getting any and all referral fees  that you are owed.

4) We will be adding ad banners that will be linked to your personal affiliate account and can be used to place on your website or any other website that you want; Or you can email the banner to people that you have spoken with and that are interested in Norstar's Tv service. Have them click your link before purchasing and you will get credit for the sale.

These are just a few of the updates that we have made. There are more exciting changes in the works such as our WebTv player which allows you to log in using your web browser to watch Tv. 

Thanks Again for Choosing Norstar!

Friday, January 24, 2020

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